A long white bath… with a view!

What a gorgeous space!  When I saw this bathroom my eyes lit up.

The marble floor, the breezy curtain behind the sleek corian tub… and best of all that huge window!  Clean, neutral with a touch of nature thrown in.  I think the curtains are key- not only for privacy, but also they add a necessary layer of softness to the space.  Personally I would have thrown in a colorful rug… but that’s because I habe a hard time with no color at all.

The back wall features an open shower with views of the greenery outside.  Could you do an open shower?  I like lots of heat, so they aren’t for me.
Such a stunning view from the front.  Even though the space is quite long, the laong run of cabinetry helps to keep it in scale.
Notice the wall cut-outs on the right side?  Fun spots to store pretties.

I also enjoy the clever towel storage built-into the tub.
Overall I adore the look of the space, but it does seem quite large.  Would you do a bath like this?  Or waste of space?
Bathroom by Musso Design Group, pictures 1,3 & 4 from Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles
  1. Rebecca

    Having actually been in this bathroom I can say that the layout of the bathtub fits the space perfectly. I love the color of the marble. Everything in the room is impeccable. Catherine has exquisite taste. -Rebecca Papin-

  2. Someday I will own a house where the application of statuary marble is appropriate.

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