A local event + three lustworthy items

My recipe for a well designed room?  1 part bix box store (good lines at good deals) + 1 part high end (quality where it matters) + 1 part vintage (for the soul, and occasionally the wallet.)  Mix those all together and layer well, and you should end up with a lovely room full of depth and personality.

My favorite big box store that delivers the jams at great prices?  West Elm.  They’ve really been bustin out the hits lately.  On my want list? 
(secret admirer, please take note: these would be the perfect presents for me…)

Gold grasscloth Pillow.  Need. Me like shiny.
Faux Fur Throw.  Need.  Winter is coming, must cuddle.
Deconstructed Swirl Pillow, plus whatever chair it’s on.  Need.
Can you tell I’m digging lots of mixed textures right now?

If you feel the same way, and you’re a Philadelphia resident, you’re in luck- The local West Elm is throwing a party next Thursday and you are invited!  Here’s the deets….

I’m going!  So if you do stop by, try to find me and say hello.  I’ll be the girl who has gathered up the gold pillow, deconstructed pillow and faux fur throw and is huddled with them on a sofa stroking and purring. 


PS- I can’t stop thinking about this chair West Elm used in their shoots…. And no, they don’t sell it.

This would be the example of why you need 1 part vintage in your home.  Deeelish.
  1. that IS a great formula. i love all three. why would they use a chair they don’t sell. it’s so cute, they should design one and sell it.

  2. nkp

    Great formula! Love the gold pillow too, looks almost like a metallic linen. Yummy.

  3. gorgeous picks, I don’t know which is my favorite!

  4. Ashley

    Ooooh, thanks for sharing! Maybe I’ll stop by. What irks me though is the fantastic pieces they use just for their catalog shoots. I mean, c’mon, don’t they know they are teases!?

  5. Cara

    that gold pillow is gorgeous!

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