A Favorite Budget Solution for the Dining Room

Soooo I’ve been hinting at it, but my “house” search is officially on!  I use the word house lightly because I’m having a really tough time deciding if I want an apartment in downtown Philadelphia or a house in a quaint town outside the city.  A yard and space OR city conveniences and culture?  A big renovation or more money to spend on furnishings?  So many questions, so excited to get decorating.  One’s thing for sure, I look forward to giving my dining set a makeover, because I refuse to have the same look in a new place.  

{My old set- Black chairs with black and white chevron upholstery}
Painted dining chairs are one of my favorite solutions for a budget dining room makeover.  A coat of paint can totally change the look and feel of chairs and improve the personality of the whole room.  Any wood set can get a coat, or it’s fairly easy to find budget rattan/bamboo chairs that are begging to be made-over.  Whether its a crisp white, bold red, antiqued blue, or classic black, these chairs are setting the tone for the rooms below.  What is your dream dining room chair color?  I’m still deciding mine 🙂

Alassandra Branca/ Veranda

Southern Living

Julia Buckingham Edelmann / The Everygirl

Isabel Lopez-QuesadaAD Spain, via Head Over Heels

Podge BuneHouse Beautiful

Atlanta Homes

Extra credit:  I love painted chairs mixed in with non-painted chairs.

Great as the head chair, or as side chairs with something different on the ends.

  1. Ooh, the blue chairs with yellow cushions are so cute. Totally cottage-y. The last image is my favorite though. Can’t wait to hear what you decide. Maybe live it out in the city until the kids come. 🙂

  2. Such a great idea! And gorgeous images! The ones that are bright against a white backdrop are stunning. But I can see you doing white and rocking out the upholstery or table linens.

  3. This is a tough question! I think I’ve always loved the idea of some kelly green chairs, but pulling it off is a whole other story! White is pretty safe…until you factor in the sticky, dirty finger prints of a 3 and 5 year-old…the search continues! (c;

  4. Erin

    I leave for five minutes and you’re already house hunting?! Congrats!!!

  5. Love painted bentwoods, and wanted to pair them with our tulip table. Any of these are winners, though.

  6. Love the idea of changing the look by changing the color. I’ve really been in to chinoserie chairs these days. I want to find some that aren’t just simple reproductions from Ballard Designs or something though. Such an exciting time for you!!

  7. wow – such exciting times. and hard decisions. but knowing your outfitted spaces before (and btw – when i saw knowing, i just mean seeing on here, not thru your bedroom window with a 35mm lens), you’ll make it smashing

  8. Are you buying? If you’re buying I say a house, if you’re renting I say an apartment! Cannot wait to see what you do with wherever you live!

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