A colorful Mid Century Gem

One of the rooms I featured yesterday was so delightful, I had to go search for the rest of the home.  Turns out this mid-century gem is home of Kristin Gallipoli and was featured last year in New England Home magazine.  Typically mid century is not my favorite look- I prefer just a piece here and there- but I really love what she’s done with her space.  It’s colorful and vibrant, refined yet playful.  And how about the more subdued bedroom?  Wowzers.

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  1. The color choice inspires me. The orange couch and the purple chairs gives unique and beautiful impression. Love this style. The book tower is amazing. Simply all the decor is unique and dazzling.

  2. gorgeous!! did they source that bed in the magazine by any chance? love!

  3. nelya

    I have been coveting that zebra something fierce!

    And if you are on the hunt for that great brass chandy in the dining room…I’m pretty certain its doppelganger is hanging out somewhere in the MiNTY warehouse.

  4. Holy smokes, that zebra is $595?!? I bought mine for ten. Damn, I would’ve been crazy pissed had my sister broke that one.

  5. Design mixologist. This just reminded me how much I miss my ceramic zebra. My sister dropped it and broke its head. Boo.

  6. Kristen

    OOOHHH…. really liking this space. LOVE that bedroom and really enjoying that fireplace with those books!

  7. I love the rest of the apartment! I love the mixes in patterns…not too overwhelming and feels just right. Ok, wao….that zebra is really killing me…..its a bit out of my price range….but I really want it. great find. I will keep it book marked.

  8. I’m so glad you went digging for the rest to share with us! I absolutely love everything. Time to pin!

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