a bathroom and a photograph

I’m obsessed with this vanity / mirror combination by James Michael Howard.  I think it’s brilliant.  The black floating sink is bold and dramatic, yet the curved sides of the backsplash make it sweet and soft.  Ornate mirrors slay me everytime and the fact that this version is hanging from a modern rod thangy makes it even more captivating.  PS, I love floating sinks did I mention that?  
Cant Stop Staring.

Also…  This photograph of a seascape(!) by Hiroshi Sugimoto really captivates me.  Damn, I’d love a huge version of this on my wall.  It would be a peacful serenity amongst the color storm.

If you want an actual, intelligent commentary on this artist I highly recommend you read Erin of Design Crisis‘ post on him.  Cause I can’t give it to you and she can say it better.

I know these two pictures aren’t really related.  But they are just doin’ it for me today.  What is making you feel happy today?

  1. Aha! I have been seeing those images for quite some time through the works of Kelly Hoppen, and when doing my family room I did two black and white flower pictures one is dark and one is light. The pics don’t do them justice. Anywhoo they are really more of a space filler since they were super affordable until I found something different. I often cut up posters and things to give me interesting art as well. Long story short I have been searching for these FOREVER. I have googled everything from horizon, sea and sky, etc etc and the closest I came was an album cover by U2. Thank You for this. Now, how to get my grubby little hands on them.

  2. love that floating sink..i’m a fan of james howard’s interiors.they are always so serene and beautiful..the large scale photograph is stunnning..but serenly so..thanks for sharing..have a wonderful day..do visit my blog when you have a moment..it would be lovely if you would follow me too..xx meenal

  3. Do I ever dislike anything that you come up with??? The answer to that is no, not ever! I always adore everything and I’m completely with you on the floating sink/mirror combo. Out of this world cool.

  4. Oooh and oooh! I do not blame you one bit for staring at these two. And they are kinda related I think….they make you look twice. There is another level to them than at first glance!

  5. anita

    I never knew I loved a floating sink! That black one is amazing. I’m a bit obsessed now!!

  6. I just LOVE! Both of them are amazing. I could def see the large scale photography. Its is mezmorizing!

  7. Erin- good question! I’m guessing this was a full remodel and they were able to re-route the plumbing to a higher point in the wall and its hidden behind that valance.

    That or its a fake sink and it doesn’t really work.

  8. I love the endlessness of the second image and I agree, it would bring such serenity/ calmness to a room in a large/ blown up format.

  9. You always find such unique stuff, the floating vanity is sucha great idea, I really love the mirror idea too!
    The photograph is beautiful, sometimes less really is more 🙂

  10. Erin

    Well, jeez, thank for the kind words and shoutout!

    LOVE the floating sink (in black, no less), but where is the plumbing? Our cabs hide a hot mess of twisted 70s pipes.

  11. Brandi

    I just love that they hung the mirror from a rod too! I would never think I might like a black sink but you’re right, this one is really doing it for me!

  12. I love the vanity too..anything different that you can’t walk into a store and just buy anways intrigues me, I try to desconstruct it and figure out how to do it…is that you too? Then you pair that with an interesting mirror and voila its a winning combination!

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