9 Turkish Bathroom Rugs under $200

Call me a one trick pony, but I could and would put an antique Turkish*  rug in every bathroom I design.  I’m most drawn to the ones that are faded with unique colors.  The tufted wool rugs are soft under foot (unlike kilims) and the perfect substitute for a bathmat.  One of these rugs can add SO much personality to a cramped bath.  Saturday morning I sat in bed and scrolled through thousands of potential rugs for my bathroom.  I’m sharing my 10 favorite cast-offs with you below- all sized around 3×5 or smaller.  Scoop them up and toss out those bath mats.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 

Come by tomorrow to see the rug I am considering along with the rest of my bathroom fixtures and selections.  My scheme is starting to come together!

* Note not all rugs are Turkish.  Many are Persian or from other areas.  Please read rug descriptions for more information,
  1. Marion

    I’d love to throw away my bath mats and get a rug. But how do you wash them?

  2. Hi Naomi~

    I don’t know where I’ve been, but I just discovered your blog and have been pouring through your posts. Fabulous style! I love the rug choices. Do you have any favorite sellers on eBay for these?


  3. thank you for sharing your rug secrets! i’ve always loved your rug posts. and these are affordable! i’ve been looking for a rug like these (with fun untraditional colors) for a hallway runner… i’ll have to see if these sources have other size. thanks!

  4. Kecia

    Waaaaaay better than a stinky bathmat! I just scored some vintage ones for a steal (6 under the price of $200!) locally online and definitely put some in the bathrooms!



  5. Alex

    thanks so much for sharing! now I’m off to find some for my new apartment 🙂

  6. I’ve been looking for one forever for our master bath! Thank you thank you thank you

  7. beautiful, and i love that they’re each one of a kind! i’ll be surprised if every one one of them isn’t sold by the end of today 🙂

  8. Tobe- try searching higher and then doing “Make me an Offer” for lower

    Gab- Perfect birthday present for yourself. I’m happy to help 🙂

  9. Uhm, so I just impulse bought number 1. And I have you to thank!! Can’t wait to see it in my bathroom 🙂

  10. The orange and salmon shades are my favorite – such beautiful colors. I have a few Turkish rugs, kilim style, that I use in my kitchen. They bring such cheer to the space.

  11. I HAVE BEEN BIDDING ON THESE LIKE CRAZY!! but wasn’t willing to go that high $$. maybe i should be?

  12. I love these! I’ve been searching for one in a larger size; it seems like all the ones I like are out of my price range though. C’est la vie!!

  13. Kat

    We’re finishing up our bathroom reno and just last night I brought in an antique rug for the floor. Thought of you! I too can’t get enough of that look.

  14. ok, you are KILLING me. one and two could easily live with me. donna

  15. I just bought 2 Turkish rugs last week. Can’t wait to see them in person. I need to check out these sellers.

  16. Ashley

    You sure picked some beauties!

  17. Chelsea

    LOVE this roundup. Thanks for doing the leg-work on this…the rugs are fabulous. xo

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