60 second makeover

Do you ever overthink about the decor of your home?  Perhaps you want to make a change, but you are paralyzed with what direction to go.  Sometimes it’s really quite simple.  Look at what a difference a rug makes.  One bold element added or subtracted can revitalize a whole room.  This is why I love design!

I know HGTV tells you to paint your wall a bold color, but I’m telling you something even simpler- change up your rug, or your pillows, or your art.  Hell I rotate all of mine seasonally and I find each room appreciates the change.  I do too.
Laura Resen Photography found via the fabulous Head Over Heels Blog
  1. OMG! I just love this space! Its so true, the rug TOTALLY gives the room new look, love it and want it!

  2. So amazing to see the difference. Such a good reminder that little things can have big impact.

  3. I love how bringing that rug in really brought out the reds throughout the room! What a great transformation!


  4. I love switching my decor out seasonally. I’ve been craving a rug like that… maybe by next summer! What a difference it makes!

  5. Love seeing rooms styled two ways. This was a favorite room when it appeared in Domino–I remember pulling it for the kid sized chairs at the coffee table–but I hardly recognized it without the rug and couch slipcover!
    I recently swapped rugs between my room and my daughters’ room. It’s like having two new rooms, for sure.


  6. Hmmm…do we believe that blogs ‘speak’ to us? I became the very lucky recipient of a gorgeous turkish rug yesterday and was considering swapping some rugs around in my home to make room for it (instead of storing it until I was ready). Totally convinced now. Change is good! And change can always be changed.

  7. Brandi

    My stylist eye can spy a few more subtle changes made to this room in the after picture. The rug is definitely the focal point though. I wish I could find a rug like for cheap!

  8. Ashley

    This. I agree with it. I just have to get around to rotating my things seasonally a la Naomi. Care to help me?

  9. awesome to see the difference ‘before’ and ‘after’! donna

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