5 Trends I May Use in my Cottage

Hey guys, thank you so so much for weighing in yesterday.  You are the best.  I think I know what I want to do and just want to sit on my decision for 48 hours. I will be plowing ahead with the bathroom remodel soon!

Anyway, I promised to move on from this topic and I have.  I’m now starting to think a little more about the other rooms of the house.  Here are 5 ideas I like a lot for my cottage or another client’s home.

CORAL WALLS- Coral is a tough color to get right, but this room by Robyn Mizach McClelland in this months MatchbookMagazine is just divine.  PS- its BM’s Tangerine Dream

COLORFUL CEILINGS- I’m feeling mighty inspired by this living room designed by Ruthie Sommers as featured in Veranda.  She was so bold to use a color that really isn’t too prevalent in the room!  I may have to do this in my dressing room, or maybe even the bathroom.

SKIRTED TABLES-  I just love the casual elegance of a skirted table, especially when done in a pretty patterned fabric.  You can hide an ugly table under that cloth, or even extra storage!

AN EXTRAVAGENT CONSOLE SET UP- Most of my cottage will be practical, but I just need to have one area for pure pretty.  Love this vignette designed by Melanie Turner that Sherry featured on her blog.  PS- how ‘bout that floor?

HIGH COFFEE TABLES- I spend a lot of time on the computer, sadly, so I’m really contemplating a coffee table that will help we work while in my living room.  I also like the drapes and general feel of this room- casual and tailored at the same time.

  1. Ooooo I adore them all! Can’t wait to see them in the cottage!

  2. Tara

    Coral & Navy is my current favorite color combo!! We’re getting a navy couch so I have been ever so slightly considering coral walls. I think my husband would freak though– we have twin girls so we’re already saturated in pink!
    I also NEED to find a way to do a skirted round table somewhere in the house!! I love the softness of it!

  3. Love it all. I can’t wait to see your interpretations of them! I just painted my living room ceiling blue and I am so happy with it.

  4. Erin

    All great plans, of course. But I am really into the high coffee table. Brilliant idea!

  5. Love all of your ideas and know your interpretation of these will be wonderful!! Love the last image ~

  6. These are all oh so pretty! Incorporate them all. Do it. And I totally missed your bathroom post vote. I’m sure you’ve already picked a winner. I honestly can’t decide because they’re both so lovely, although I think the pink/black would be nice for your feminine bath. And that rug is to die for!

  7. Big fan of that high coffee table idea. The best home would be one in which all the things are beautiful, but selected to be things that would enhance the way you live your life. (I took a while to decide on a coffee table – I am picky about occasional tables – and finally found one flat and wide enough to play board games on, and big enough to store LOTS of them inside.)

    On the coral: I became obsessed with Farrow and Ball’s “Melrose” print wallpaper in a colorway that looks pretty much just like that color. F&B was way outside my budget, and I eventually went with a very pale peach for that room, instead of a deeper coral, but that paper was my beacon of inspiration the whole way. Don’t know whether you’d like it, too, but I had to share.

    Love your ideas! Can’t wait to see the bathroom come together!

  8. Very snazzy! I love the idea of the skirted table too… especially if you’re not bold enough to use a pattern on your bedding – you can incorporate pattern (and color for that matter) on the fabric for the table!

  9. i kinda love the idea of a high coffee table!

    i just did a feature on cantelope and how its SO back! I love it, but you are right – a real hard tint to get right, I sure havent been able to thus far:)

    Cant wait to see what you do!

  10. I love them all!! I have always been a big fan of skirted night tables…so feminine and elegant

  11. why are we the same person?!?! have imagined coral walls in one of our bedrooms from day one. that BM color looks famous with the turquoise and naturals. old dude gotstago though.

    can’t wait to see you put all of these to work!

  12. Camila

    Love all of your picks. I actually have tangerine dreams in Hudson’s room and it’s actually way more orange in person than coral. Just a heads up in case someone wants to use it.

  13. LOVE that coral goodness…that whole house was amazing! Also love a painted ceiling and totally appreciate a coffee table that allows you to work at it…I usually end up sitting on the floor at mine.

  14. Kristen

    That coral is great! So hard to find the right shade. I agree, sometimes you just need a little pretty, for no reason other than being pretty.

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