One Room Challenge {Cottage Kitchen} Week 6

REJOICE.  We have reached the end of the One Room Challenge!  I would like to personally thank and congratulate you guys who have been following along the past 5 weeks as I’ve renovated my cottage kitchen.  For those who are just popping in today, your timing is perfect— scroll down below for for major Before & After action.

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kitchen celebration naomis cottage

We demolished my old kitchen 30 days ago and it’s been a intense, crazy ride to get to the finished room today.   Of course the preparation of this project started well before the official start of the Challenge.  I wrote the first edit of my cabinetry order back on February 24th and I’ve been planning, pinning and dreaming about the space for months… years really.  Seeing it transform from jumbled thoughts in my head into a reality has been truly magical.  I feel so lucky that this is my kitchen.  It’s functional, it’s glamorous, it’s modern, yet it still feels charming.  And it’s a lot of fun too.  I love my kitchen.

I still have a hard time believing that this was my kitchen six weeks ago…


Before Kitchen

And this is the kitchen today…


Design Manifest Kitchen Black cabinets white shiplap

Renovation Fast Facts//  I kept the flooring, island, pendants lights and range hood and updated the rest of the appliances, perimeter cabinets, countertops and backsplash tile.  We also added architectural elements like crown moulding and shiplap and new stools and window treatments to finish the room.

The shiplap (technically a plank wall) is EVERYTHING.  I love how it finishes off the space and makes it feel so much larger and more dynamic.  I had initially planned on a rug and art for this room but in the end I really felt like less was more.

Black Kitchen White shiplap wall orange wishbone counter stool brass glass pendants

Obviously I went bold with my orange and leopard counter stools.  I love the timelessness of my black and white kitchen, but I really needed a fun moment. I can’t thank my friend, Melissa, enough for painting them for me.  I knew from the start I wanted something a little surprising for my stools.  It’s low commitment, high reward.  In 6 months if I’m so over orange, I’ll just beg Melissa to paint them a new color for me 😉

white plank wall shiplap wall pierre frey art shade

A last minute addition to the room was the shade on my back door, made with Pierre Frey’s “Arty.”  I just love the watercolor brushstroke fabric.  The modern pattern makes for a fun juxtaposition against the plank wall.  It will be easy for me to mix in yellow, blue, pink or red accents because this fabric has it all.  The black ball trim at the bottom is just ridiculous.  Ridiculously good if you ask me.


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Black refrigerator with black base cabinets and white upper cabinets marble subway tile brass hardware kitchen by design manifest

What I love about this kitchen is its bones are neutral and timeless.  Black and White rules in here.  I’m so glad I went for the black Kitchen Aid refrigerator.  It ties in nicely with the base cabinets and I’m still obsessed with the handles.

how to build in a full depth refrigerator black kitchen aid - design manifest

A favorite element for me is that we “built-in” the full depth refrigerator.  I specified a 28″ deep refrigerator end panel and pulled out the wall cabinet above to be flush.  We also spaced the base cabinets 2″ off the wall so that the countertops are just a little extra deep.

Design Manifest Kitchen - White and Gold China Cabinets with glass doors and mirrored backs

I love my “china cabinets” over the sink.  Those who have been following along know that I ordered these cabinets with glass doors, but they arrived with mirrored doors.  I toyed with the idea of using the mirrored doors (hides the mess inside!), but in the end, I trusted my first instinct which was glass doors with mirrored backs.  The mirror back reflects light and expands the space without the weird effect of staring at my reflection while doing the dishes.  And most importantly, it allows my custom gold trim to shine!!  George fabricated this simple trim for my doors and it adds just the perfect touch of glam.

Also, I was debating back and forth between large or small glass knobs.  In the end I chose neither.  Sadly, the glass knobs distorted my face upside down in in a creepy way.  It felt less vintage, more fun house mirror.  These undersized brass knobs felt just right and let the other elements shine.

White Glass Cabinets with gold trim mirrored backs glass shelvess by design manifest

I have no problem displaying my dishes and glasses.  Once this kitchen gets used and abused, they probably wont ever be stacked this neatly again.  That’s OK, I still think this wall will look great and I prefer the glass as opposed to a solid door.  I think that would have made this small room feel more crowded and closed in.

Black and White Kitchen white quartz countertop marble backsplash orange kitchen brass accents Design Manifest


before range wall wide


black range hood marble subway tile all the way up the wall design manifest

BOOM, MARBLE EVERYWHERE.  I love love love my full wall of marble subway tile.  And thank goodness I do, because I sure gave my tile guy, Kevin a lot of grief over “too gray” tiles.  Trust me- marble tile can look a lot darker when setting.  Once it dries and is grouted it’s a whole different ball game.   I think the variation is perfect.

Black kitchen with full wall of white marble tile black range hood with stainless stove- Dessign Manifest

George came up with the idea to dress up my Ikea range hood with a little stainless trim.  I debated back and forth between stainless and gold for the hood trim.  My end reasoning was this… I have two categories: Appliances and Cabinets.  Cabinets are black and have gold hardware.  The appliances are black with stainless.  Therefore stainless on the hood felt most consistent.

double laminated quartz countertop glass knobs

My counrtertops are Arctic White Quartz- double thick with a mitred edge.  Oh baby I love these.

My large glass knobs did find a home on this little drawer base.  Obviously I feel no need to match my cabinet hardware.  It’s all about coordinating, not matching.

I have these extra deep window ledges that I chose to top with the same quartz as my counters.  It’s the perfect spot for my herb garden, which makes me ridiculously happy.  Now I just need to cook more.  Or serve cocktails with Basil and Rosemary.

marble subway tile wrap into windowsill quartz windowsill

Another fave detail is the marble wrapped into the window jambs.

Thank you to Lowe’s for their generously providing this budget friendly subway tile.

utensil divider and roll out shelves next to stove

Hello, new efficient cabinets!!


before kitchen range wall


black cabinets full wall marble tile backsplash white shiplap wall

Dining Room looking into kitchen Crystal teardrop chandelier white shiplap wall

My Dash and Albert Rhapsody rug found a happy home in my dining room.  It bridges the gap perfectly between my kitchen and living room and adds a little warmth to this space.  I love that I can see it from pretty much any spot on the first floor.  (Yes, my house is that small.)

white shiplap wall country bohemian space

Thank you to DecoratorsBest for providing the beautiful fabrics that I turned into pillows.  I love the little repeat of leopard from the counter stools and the pop or red-orange in the ikat.

design manifest living room with orange pink ikat pillow leopard black and white photography

My Minted art ended up finding a home in the living room and I really love it here.  I chose the ballerina  by Zanne Bedore and Rachael chose the birds by Donna Rosner.  I think they make for a dreamy pair.

If you’ve been going Gaga for the peeks of my chandelier, here it is in all it’s glory.  It’s the Calypso by Crystorama and it’s everything I dreamed of and more.  The teardrop crystals are stunning and look extra dynamic when lit.  I love the substance it brings to my glass dining table.  The styling is vintage yet modern and it felt like the perfect compliment to my kitchen design.  Me Loves.

Design Manifest Dining Room black white abstract geometric wallpaper glass dinig table panton chairs calypso teardrop chandelier

Black Kitchen White shiplap wall orange wishbone counter stool brass glass pendants



This renovation never would have happened without my amazing extended Design Manifest team.  A lot of people have told me I’m bold for taking on a project of this size in only six weeks, but I can’t take the credit for this alone.  So thank you to the following talented folks for upping my game… First and foremost, my father, my mentor, my cabinetry setter, Andrew Stein.    Our carpenter, Angelo Iannitelli.  My assistant and right hand, Rachael Herman.  My metalsmith, creative collaborator and cheerleader, George of Coldren Design. Plus Kevin of Love Tile and Marble, Bryan of Buono Construction Group, Dan Curran Builder, Katie of Kieffer’s Appliances, AAA Hellenic, Bill Gordon Painting and Vince D’Angelo Plumbing.  (Plus our intern Chrissy!)  It really does take a village to renovate a kitchen.


And finally a HUGE Thank you to Linda for organizing the One Room Challenge and the amazing sponsors listed below.  This space wouldn’t have happened without your support.  The ORC is a LOT of hard work, but it’s also ridiculously fun for me.  I’m just so honored and grateful to do what I love, improve my own home and be able to share it all with you.  It’s pretty cool.




COUNTER STOOLS- all modern











I really hope you enjoyed the tour! 

Please let me know what you think.  Your comments really are everything to me 🙂

Personally, I love being in the space.  I’m seriously sitting in this kitchen feeling giddy right now.  It’s amazing how an environment can influence our mood and lifestyle.  

This is why I love being a designer.

I’m working on a full source list that I will post next week.

For those who like to nerd out, I’m also planning a second kitchen post that goes into more detail about design elements- like how I chose to mix cabinetry, hardware, plus essential measurements to keep in mind.


19 Reveals to Go.  Make time to check out the fellow participant’s room reveals below.  SO much talent in this group it just blows me away.

one room challenge

  1. Viral

    I really love the smartness of using Black and White color in the kitchen, Thanks for sharing the interior solution.

  2. Mary Buckelew

    This is my favorite of all of the rooms in the ORC. It might be the orange chairs… I’m not even sure! Love it – good job!

  3. That is such an incredible kitchen. Amazing job!

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  10. Really like the ‘After’ effects! Clever use of white makes the room look more bright and spacious. Black kitchen cabinets add to the charm and make the room look crisp. Thanks for sharing!

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  18. Bettsi Ledesma

    What a sexy, beautiful kitchen!

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  20. Cynthia

    Thank you for sharing your “my” perfect kitchen combo!
    I just stumbled upon your blog through The Nester and instantly couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw your kitchen. We built our house 11 years ago and over the years my maple cabinets have changed color to an almost mauve/brown color. (Definitely not a pleasing circumstance since the kitchen was our only upgrade!) My husband and I have been brainstorming ideas to update the kitchen the last few weeks. I knew I wanted bright and some white; but, not all white. Last week we decided on the very marble tiles you used. Now, what to do with those cabinets? I also have black appliances, rustic wood floors, and black appliances. Just today I was dreaming up black base cabinets (so my black appliances could blend in a bit) with white upper cabinets (to help reflect the light) and wondered if it’d be too much of a contrast? I was going to start surfacing the internet to try to find a pic to show my husband…thank you for making my search so easy! Lovely kitchen! And that mirrored back/glass door cabinet is genius!

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  22. I’m so amazed at how much larger the room feels with the shiplap wall! The details truly made this room, and you brought in such fun accents (I’m in love with the Arty fabric now) without overwhelming the space with color. Fabulous job!!

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  26. I didn’t realize you were also in Philly….that would explain our identical cabinets! Too funny! 🙂

  27. Looks so beautiful! My husband and I just bought a home with a very outdated kitchen and it ha sthe EXACT same blue cabinets that you had in yours. I assumed the owner had painted them, but apparently not. I would by lying if I said I loved them. Can you provide a source for your pendants? those, I adore!

  28. Jackie

    It looks great! And thank you so much for showing your before and afters from the same angles + full shots of the room. It’s so nice to be able to see everything like that 🙂

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  31. Jewelry Lover

    Beautiful kitchen! Where are the rest of the appliances – toaster, coffee maker, juicer, etc., that you had before.

    • Naomi

      Thank you. The toaster and coffee maker are both on the counter. You can see them in the pictures. The microwave is undercounter.

  32. Katie

    This is beautiful! I love the black and white but the fun pops of color add so much personality to the space as well!

  33. This is so darn good!!! Love all the details and will want to read again. Thank God for Pinterest!
    Mary Ann

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  36. You nailed this design! The black and white tones, those amazing barstools, the backsplash– love it all! I’m a huge fan of the fabric on your shade as well!

    Anna Lynn with Waiting On Martha

  37. Carrie

    This is stunning! You are clearly talented! What I love most about your reveal post is your heart of gratitude. It is the first post I have seen that so clearly expresses thanks to all the people behind the scenes and also the corporate sponsors. Yesterday, I witnessed a random act of gratitude that was so beautiful. It has made me think of how we all depend so much on one another. Thanks for sharing!

  38. Carol

    I have so many favorites here….the gold trim on the cabinet doors, the stainless trim on the hood (thanks George!), the glossy black paired with stainless, the clean and bright white paired with the wonderful marble subway……and the stools!!!! I may have to downsize and move there someday!
    You make me proud! So much LOVE.

  39. sherry

    So much to love here! That fridge! The mix of metals…..working with Matthew Quinn on the last 2 kitchens taught me that! You did a fabulous job….it is the perfect mix of everything I can’t decide what I love best:) You never disappoint girl:)

    • Naomi

      OOO Matthew Quinn is my kitchen GOD. Thanks Sherry! And thank you for serving as a major part of my inspiration.

  40. Robin Z

    Stunning, stunning, stunning!

  41. You are so talented. This kitchen feels larger while you added more cabinets….go figure. Love all the details. I think the window treatment is super fun, and I love how you had the light fixtures re-hung. Love the black on the bottom and white uppers. Great job! Happy cooking.

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  43. Monica

    This kitchen is amazing, and as a fellow lover of black and white I found it a treat for the eyes. Great job!

  44. Congratulations! It looks amazing! I love the result!

  45. Fern Bradley

    Love your kitchen but most of all the cabinets with their gold trim. Is their a source for them if I live out of state (Indiana)? Getting ready to start my kitchen redo and you have given me some great ideas and food for thought, thank you.
    Ps. Where did you end up putting the micro?

    • Naomi

      Thank you, Fern. The gold trim was fabricated by George Coldren. I linked to him.
      The microwave is undercounter. You can see it in the wide shot on the stove wall. It’s a drawer an it’s actually not fully installed yet! Haha. Can’t wait to test it out.

  46. Jana

    F*ck Naomi unrealll! Love the pops of color against the sexy black & brass, way too good!

  47. Marion Darbyshire

    Wow! This is the first time I’ve seen one of your makeovers and It is gorgeous! Simple, fun and a little edgy! I also noticed the wallpaper on the stairs – would you mind sharing the source? Great job – what a feat in 30 days!

  48. What a transformations!! You have done an incredible job!! You must be so pleased–its just perfection!!

  49. Francie

    Your kitchen is beautiful! So many things to comment on, but I particularly like the originality of the mirrored backs of the cabinets and the mixing of cabinet hardware. The latter makes me braver about mixing because it looks great! I have the same fridge as you and agree the lines are great. I like it even more seeing it in your kitchen. Also the orange stools are fab. You can only repaint them something equally bright. Kudos on a very successful ORC!

  50. Katherine

    Congratulations! This is one of my most favorite kitchens ever – I really mean that! I just LOVE it.

  51. Leslie

    To me, this is the perfect way to do a neutral/black &white kitchen. The pops of color with the bar stools and that gorgeous fabric shade add just enough color. And I had to giggle about your ‘fun house mirror’ comment on the knobs. The small gold knobs are perfect on those glass door cabinets, and let the mirrored back take center stage.

  52. This came out truly amazing! I was also crazy enough to tackle a kitchen this time around for the ORC, I could really use a basil cocktail right about now…lol. Great job!!

  53. Anna

    Simply stunning, classy and warm. Beautiful in every way!

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  55. This is so beautifully done, and I absolutely love the interplay of colors and textures- not just in the kitchen, but the whole cottage. I agree that the shiplap is my favorite element, but really it’s all great!

  56. Jamie Jessar

    It looks FABULOUS! Love the stools with the black and white. The tiles are beautiful and all of it pulled together with great little exclamation points of color and design.
    Love it. congratulations : )

  57. Love how this turned out! You’re such an inspiration to me with the design details you incorporate into your projects. They’re never boring and always uniquely yours.

  58. A lovely kitchen, indeed. You did a wonderful job and the results are stunning. I am still finishing my space for ORC..and will probably be done at the stroke of midnight! lol.

  59. Beautifully done Naomi and team!

  60. Bravooooooooo Naomi! I adore it! ESPECIALLY your black fridge! And the gold trim on your glass cabinets. LOVE the PF fabric shade too! It’s all just perfect and you so deserve to keep it in your home! Enjoy!

  61. Khrystina

    What a stunning reveal, Naomi! It looks comfortable and chic, classic & casual all at the same time which is no easy feat. Congrats on completing be the deadline as well!


    You’ve done it again! What a gorgeous kitchen. I just love the pops of pink and orange throughout. You should be so proud.

  63. Emily

    Seriously?! This is awesome. It looks like you. Which is always how a home should be. Congrats!

  64. This is by far the sexiest little cottage that ever there was! I love your classic foundations and eclectic mix, Naomi. So grateful we can say we’ve crossed the finish line on this one. Raising a glass to you and your brilliance!! xx Sarah

  65. Julie

    This is stunning! You can never go wrong with black/white combo, and I love the glass cabinets with mirrored backs. The roman shade and orange stools are so much fun!

  66. Gorgeous, Naomi! The room looks amazing and I can’t wait for the follow up post. Any chance you could talk a bit about the back door shade? I have the same door and I’m at a loss as to what to do with it. Fantastic job!

  67. Vel

    You have the classiest little kitchen I have seen Naomi!!!! The black cabinetry and lucite pulls are just fabulous! It flows so well thru your entire house! Another great job!

  68. Megan

    Looks amazing! You are truly a rock star!

  69. Wow! I love every inch of your new kitchen! Talk about fabulous design… very well planned and executed. My favorite details are the brass trim on the glass doors and the pops of color from the window treatment and the orange stools. So fun and fresh! (I’ve also had that chandy saved forever… haven’t splurged yet, but it looks so good in your space!)

  70. Brenda

    Stunning! This is so beautiful yet FUNCTIONAL! Well done you (and your team).

  71. Fabulous job, Naomi! I can’t believe you were able to do another kitchen makeover in 6 weeks time. You guys rock. Cheers – hope you are enjoying a cocktail with basil/rosemary 🙂

  72. Victoria B

    This is amazing! It looks so much larger and very luxe. I love all of it. That subway tile from Lowe’s might be going into my kitchen whenever I get around to redoing it. I am in love!

  73. gaby

    You always blow my mind, what an amazing transformation! Looks incredible, so clean, fresh and modern, loooooove it!

  74. Wowwww…what a difference! I love every centimeter of this kitchen. Way to go!

  75. I love the black! The black cabinets and doors have me rethinking things in my own home. The orange stools…so cool. What a great kitchen! I can’t wait to reveal my room tomorrow. This has been such a fun, albeit stressful, experience. But it is so worth it now.

  76. it really looks amazing! I love the black fridge!! And the counter tops… really all of it!!

  77. Emily

    Love it! This is a tiny question, but where did you get that planter for your herb garden? Been looking for something just like it!

  78. Sarah

    Absolutely beautiful!! Love the orange stools!! It’s definitely a modern kitchen, but still feels so classic and timeless. Bravo!! Where is your island from? Did you make it or build it? I love it!

  79. I LOVE IT ALL!!!! Your reveal is just amazing, and with the scope of the project, it is admirable that you had a completed project to show after just 6 weeks! I love the choices you made, and the way that room flows with the rest of your home. HIGH FIVE!!!!

  80. Looks fantastic. Every detail is perfect and the orange bar stools and just the right amount of fun! Your makeovers are always excellent!

  81. What am amazing transformation! Love the pops of color paired with the chic black and gold!

  82. Duška Woods

    Congratulations Naomi, you did a fantastic job on your ‘one room pace’.
    I like all the choices you made to bring the space to one cohesive whole. The choices are perfect, the clean-cut design with great ikat textile add a very sophisticated look and feel to the whole space.
    The transformation is amazing and it took a truly talented designer to have the vision and bring it all together, Bravo!

  83. I love all the black and gold accents and the marble! What a gorgeous kitchen!

  84. NancyB

    Stunning — what a beautiful transformation.

  85. Naomi this is absolutely STUNNING! What a glam and fun kitchen! You’re always one of my favorite designers to follow during ORC and you did not disappoint! Love the hardware, tile, and glass cabinets have completely changed this kitchen! I love color and the fact you went BOLD with orange! Bravo on yet another beautiful ORC room! XOXO, Sarah

  86. What a transformation! Wow! Love it all – those pendants, black cabinets, hardware, stools. And so glad you went with the glass front cabinets! Love.



  87. Those selective pops of color amidst the black and white are genius!! And that gold inlay cabinet trim…well, there are no words. Brilliant job!!

  88. Hannah

    This is all SO GOOD! Well done, Naomi!

  89. Jen

    I love this! You have inspired me to work on my kitchen. I will refer back to this post in the future when I need help. You did such a lovely job overall and with the details. Well done!

  90. Carol

    Naomi and team, Fantastic job! I love how simple and timeless it is, but not the least bit boring; and very you!

  91. Maggie

    I JUST CANT EVEN. Everything you do is just so beautiful and new and fresh. You are so good!

  92. Ah! This kitchen is so fun & elegant! The black, white, marble combo is just too good! I love the pops of color too 🙂

  93. Blown away. Love the gold edge on the white, glass front, mirrored back cabinets.

  94. Brittany Rhea

    Wowza! This is beautiful! and so much my taste I love staring at it. I kept just switching back and forth between the before and after pics at the top to really see what changed. It’s so cool how you didn’t change the layout but the kitchen still looks and feels so different. I really like the curtain on the door-it’s like it connects the left and right sides of the room together. My favorite image is of the wall of the marble tile and the crown moulding and shiplap wall. Could just stare at that for a long time. I’m sure you are 😉 Fantastic job to you and your team!

  95. Your rooms always tend to be my most favorite in the ORC and this time is no different! Love your kitchen and dining room. I love that it is simple yet has great style and love the punches of color! It’s fantastic!!!!

  96. Sally Theran

    I’ve never commented before, but love your blog, and HOLY CRAP your kitchen is INSANE! I love it all – you have such a great eye, and it shows – the cabinet hardware goes so well together, and everything is just wonderful. Can you share your faucet info? Thanks!

  97. I don’t know how you keep doing it (the ORC’s), but you NEVER disappoint! As always, love what you’ve done – the attention to special details is unrivaled. Congrats!!!

  98. Rosie Case

    I am blown away. Something about that shade over the door…it makes the room for me…and I’m a major color-phobe! But everything…the black fridge, the detail on the hood, the pulls…just everything. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Incredible job. Cocktails all around!

  99. Joi

    Love. It. All. Great job for such a small space!

  100. jennifer

    I don’t even know what to say, it is beyond AWESOME!!!! The last ORC kitchen you did was my favorite but now this one is for sure. Love the black cabinets and subway tile wrapping the windows…it is all the little things that make it. I love how you trimmed out the cabinets with the brass, I have not seen that before and it really makes it.. Job very well done. You and your team deserve one of those cocktails..

  101. Denise

    What a beautiful transformation! I love the deep window sills!

  102. That is one damn pretty kitchen. I love the thick counter and the brass trim on the cupboards is heaven. Also, the Arty with black ball fringe is about as perfect as it gets. As always, you can tell how much you’ve poured your heart and soul into your work and it shows…mazing, amazing job!

  103. Elise

    That is the roman shade OF MY DREAMS! It’s the MOST PERFECT POC to your kitchen!!! It looks amazing, and I love how it flows beautifully with the rest of your open living space as well! Well done, lovely! CHEERS! xx

  104. Nailed it. This is the room I’ve been impatiently waiting the most to see finished. Bravo lady. Stealing some of your ideas for when we remodel our kitchen in the WAYYY future.

  105. erin@whalingcitycottage

    Naomi, this is amazing! It came together so beautifully. I love everything – the black fridge, the glass fronted cabinets, the tangerine stools, the mix of metals, the shiplap. And it flows so well with the dining room. Congratulations!

  106. The window covering is just fantastic. Love all the choices that you made but especially love keeping the shiplap plain. I think it provides visual interest but isn’t overwhelming.

  107. Kate

    I love everything about this! The combination of marble and shiplap is a dream. The black fridge is stunning, as are the glass cabinet doors with the added brass trim. The dining chandelier is amazing!

    Question about one area not pictured. The wall covered in shiplap where the black leather lounge chair is—is that the wall where your front door is? Did you take the shiplap all the way around to the wall where the fireplace is? I remember you mentioned wanting to create a more functional entryway there, so forgive me if I’m jumping the gun on a soon-to-be-revealed project!

    Anyway, awesome job with this design. Your attention to detail never ceases to amaze me!

    • Naomi

      Thanks, Kate! The wood lap is just on the front and back wall- not on the side wall. I still haven’t solved my front entry issue… next on the list!

  108. Well, this is a happy kitchen! And, those chairs are just perfect.

  109. Laura C

    Stunning and so thoughtful. Great decisions abound.

  110. Ronel Engelbrecht

    This is fabulous. Congratulations! I luv the before and after photo’s it makes me feel that I was there in the room seeing the real thing!

  111. Hollie

    I love your kitchen, I’m a big fan of black & white with a bit of colour tossed in the mix. Your attention to all the details is . Congrats on having this awesome kitchen- I’d be giddy too! P.S. The orange stills rock!

  112. Peggi

    Amazing & beautiful!!! I so enjoy seeing & reading about your carefully considered and lovely choices. The small details (bumping out the cabinets 2 inches to fit the sink, building in the fridge, gold trim on the cabinets, tile wrapped around the jamb!!) really reveal your design knowledge. Genius. Enjoy that smashing kitchen! (And yes to more cocktails with basil & rosemary.)

  113. Love, Love, Love the results. The black cabinets look so crisp with he acrylic handles and the pops of color are just right.(great fabric on the shade by the way.) Well Done!

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