Cottage Dining Room Update

The best fringe perk of renovating my kitchen for the One Room Challenge is that I was inspired to pull together my dining room as well.  I didn’t make a ton of changes – swapped out a chandelier, added a roll of wallpaper, 2 pillows and a runner- but it really made a huge difference in aesthetics and function of this “room.”  I use quotes around the word room because my entire first floor is open concept, so it’s super important that each area flow and feel cohesive.

For a little over a year my dining room looked liked this.  Glass table made by Coldren Design, Panton (knock-off) side chairs, vintage Chinese Chippendale head chairs and a vintage chandelier I found on 4th Street in Philadelphia.

old dining room

As much as I absolutely Love my vintage chandelier, it wasn’t functional in this space.  My dining table is multi-purpose ans also serves as our main work desk.  We do a ton of design work here and the old chandelier just wasn’t bright enough.  If this was solely a meal time table it would be great, but but for a place to work, I really needed UP the wattage.  Don’t worry, the vintage chandelier is staying in the family.  I’m long-term loaning it to lil sis Becca.

I did a little searching and selected Crystorama’s 6-light Calypso Chandelier to hang over my glass table.  Crystorama has been such an awesome partner for the past few ORC’s.  I love working with another family-run company and their lights are really exquisite.   Like this bad boy…

calypso chandelier crystorama

This 6-light chandelier hit on every category I was looking for:


This chandelier puts out so much light!!  It’s super functional and bright when we need it.  Plus, we have it on a dimmer, so it can go from very bright to quite romantic in just the movement of the switch.

DIMENSIONS / 30″ wide x 20″H  (Height is from bottom of crystal to top where 3 rods join together.)

I love the scale of this chandelier.  It’s both substantial yet airy.  It makes a statment from when you walk in the door but it also doesn’t block the view.

STYLING/ Modern Glamour / A new Twist on traditonal

The shape is contemporary but the crystals add this traditional elegance.  I thought the mix complimented the vibe in the kitchen.


crystorama calypso teardrop crystal detail

Yes that would be hundreds of gorgeous tear drop crystals that have to be hung individually.

Thank Gawd for assistants 😉

Now that it’s hung, I really love how it looks when it’s lit up. The light bulbs are placed inside the metal ring so the crystals do a nice job of concealing them whether the fixture is on or off.  (Great for you exposed bulb haters.  I don’t really get you, but it’s cool.)

Another big change in my dining room was adding wallpaper to the stair wall.

Stair Wall Before.  This always felt so unfinished to me.

stair wall before

And Stair Wall Now.

Design Manifest Dining Room black white abstract geometric wallpaper glass dinig table panton chairs calypso teardrop chandelier

I really love the simple graphic nature of this wallpaper.  The paper is Nixon by Milton and King.   I can’t tell you how many people have told me (unprompted) that they don’t usually like wallpaper but they really like this wall.  Converting a hater is definitely exciting for me 😉

Dining Room looking into kitchen Crystal teardrop chandelier white shiplap wall

Adding a small runner to the dining room really helped it come alive for me.  I’m pretty obsessed with this vibrant tribal rug from Dash and Albert.  Sometimes a little color can go a long way in a space.

chinese chippendale chair

And the cherry on top was new lumbar pillows for my vintage chairs.  Pink shibori stirpe for the win.  I got these through Minted.  They have so many cute pillows now and they are pretty well priced.

design manifest dining room and kitchen

Images by Courtney Apple


Chandelier by Crystorama

(You can purchase chandelier here)

Dining Table by Coldren Design

Chinese Chippendale Chairs are vintage (Similar)

Panton knock-off chairs- (Similar)

Wallpaper by Milton and King

Rug from DecoratorsBest

Pillow from Minted

  1. patty blaettler

    Pretty. Fresh. Cool. Functional. Fantastic!!

  2. Maggie

    I have a very similar dining table (from CB2) and I always had a blue rug under it, but lately I’ve been thinking about removing the rug. Just curious, what was your thought process for doing the rug by the side doors vs doing a rug under the table?
    You are my absolute favorite blogger/designer, I just love your style. You always seem to nail it and always seem one step ahead of every one else!

    • Naomi

      Thank you, Maggie! I didn’t want a rug under the table because it’s a narrow space and an appropriately sized rug would have covered nearly all of the floor. With the glass table, I wanted to enjoy seeing the wood. Plus who wants to drop food on a rug?

  3. Jana

    It looks fabulous Naomi!

  4. Barbara

    Absolutely beautiful! Can you advise what color paint used for door on stair wall?

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