Vintage Furniture- Recent Auction Acquisitions

Yesterday was a busy, yet fun day shopping at the furniture auction.  I brought my client along and we scoured pieces for her home as well as a few finds for myself.  In the end we did well in the case-goods department.  When it comes to purchasing furnishings, I love sourcing dressers, credenzas and sideboards from vintage sources when possible.  Often times you can get great deals compared to new pieces.  Also, vintage pieces tend to be better made- quality construction, made in the USA or Europe- vs stuff at a similar price point today.

For my client’s dining room we scored an Ello mirrored credenza.  I’ve long coveted this mid-century stunner and I’m super pumped to incorporate it into her design.  I love how its modern, yet very tailored so it works really well in traditional/ transitional spaces.  It’s gonna add a nice bit of glam to the room and we will mix more organic and traditional pieces with it.  Truthfully, we are still figuring out the design!  I’m very much in the thick of it right now.

ello mirrored credenza at auction

image via our instagram

ello credenza ken fulk

It won’t be nearly as glam as this room by Ken Fulk, but I still enjoy seeing it in a room setting.

mirrored credenza with chinoerie

And while I love chinoiserie (and think it would pair beautifully with the Ello) we will not be going this route in the dining room.

Somewhere more in-between traditional and modern.

While my client’s piece is nice quality and only needs a few minor touch-ups, I bought a piece of crap.  A Lane Mosaic Brutalist piece of crap.

brutalist dresser at auction

image via our instagram

Let’s discuss the positive.  It was cheaaap and I got two pieces: a wide dresser AND tall dresser from Lane.  Also, this is another style I’ve coveted for awhile that looks amazing when lacquered white.  Pristine versions of them can also fetch top dollar.  The down side is that they are REALLY beat up.  It’s gonna take George a lot of time to clean them up.  He was not very happy with me when he came to pick them up.  I probably should have just spent more money on another piece that required less work.  I have ’em now so its too late this time.  (Muhahahaha all part of my evil plan.)

white brutalist mosaic dresser

Fancy lacquer version via 1stDibs

If all goes well, we will use this piece in the staging of my condo.  I think it would be a perfect television credenza.

So big news in my personal life is that we are fixing up my old apartment and hope to sell it!  I will be sure to share some of the remodeling progress and decor updates.  We also scored two beautiful chairs we will showcase there.  Stay tuned :)

Before and After: Villanova Modern Organic Dining Room

Recently a longtime client called us back to design her dining room.  It sat empty for the first few years of living in the home and she was finally ready to enjoy the space.  But she didn’t want your typical formal, no-one-ever-uses it, forgotten dining room.  Instead she was envisioning more a lounge space.  The catch was, while it DIDN’T want to FEEL LIKE A DINING ROOM, it still needed to be able to functionally sit 20 at holidays.  Huh?  How do you create a LOUNGE that can seat 20 people and doesn’t feel like a banquet hall?  Turns out, it just took a little creative floor-planning and one custom multi-functional table.

Let’s start with the space itself.  Pros: vaulted ceiling, nice natural light, french doors out onto a deck.  Cons: the red and gold color scheme, the lack of furniture.





We needed a focal point.  We chose a textural ledgestone for an accent wall in the dining room.  While the room would be mostly neutral, we opted for a little pattern in the seating area.  Natural materials are star of this room; stone, rustic woods, leather, bronze.  The scheme of mostly gray with a hint of teal/ turquoise felt just right.



Custom End Tables/ Nightstands: The Delancey Table

I am continuing last week’s theme of furniture, but rather than share another DIY, I wanted to reveal a new professional piece we designed and built.  My blog friend, Kati of So Happy Home, reached out to me several months ago and asked for a custom DM furniture piece.  I turned to my main man, George Coldren, and we collaborated on a design that eventually turned into this beauty…



Cottage Project: DIY Lucite Suzani Ottoman

I’m FED UP with the chaos that is my home, so I’ve given myself a June deadline to pull it together.  It feels good to have a date… it really motivates me to design and execute.  And when I’m in the design zone, I don’t stop for nuttin’.  Think obsessed, vigorous and effective.  Which is what I’ll need to be done by June!

I have big plans for a kitchen renovation, but that probably wont be until the fall at the earliest.  My focus right now is the interior design of the other rooms in the house, plus a quickie update to the kitchen.  Everything is like 75-90% there, but not quite “finished.”  My focus is pulling that last bit together and making it all shine.

Today I’m sharing an update (DIY!) I just finished in my living room.  I was tired of my old ottoman, so after a little scheming I decided to create my own lucite ottoman.  This project was inexpensive, easy, fun and I think the result is damn sexy.

DIY Lucite Suzani Ottoman bench


Like many of you out there, I have a bit of a lucite fetish.  I felt LUCITE would be perfect for my ottoman legs because I already have a lot of wood and metal furniture and didn’t want to repeat those materials again.  Unfortunately lucite furniture and leg parts are expensive!  I am too fickle and cheap with my own stuff, so I found another way to source lucite.  Turns out Wayfair sells a lucite ottoman for under $200.  Since the ottoman size worked well in my room, I decided to buy their version and recover the top myself.


Currently Obsessed With… Denim and Stripes

Well I’m feeling like a big ole pile of crap today, so no big reveals or long posts this week.  I thought I would share two themes/trends that I’m wanting to use everywhere in design.  1) Blue and white stripes, ticking or whatever and 2) Denim- faded, soft  and perfect.  All over upholstery everywhere.  Stripes and denim… preferably together in one room!

We are mixing the two finishes in our upcoming Swarthmore project.  We will be doing a striped sofa paired with a denim wingback chair and built-in window bench upholstered in denim.  I’m super siked to see it come together.  Here are some of the inspiration images we used to work on the design.


A lot of these rooms are by great designer, Sig Bergamin

sig bergamin 2

sig bergamin

sig bergamin 3

I found I was most drawn to sofas with a varied stripe- wide and thin stripes mixed together.

stripe sofa 2

And I love the look of striped sofas with layered textiles, like with this ikat below.

sig bergamin stripe sofa

We will be pairing our stripe sofa with this gorgeous vintage suzani.

vintage suzani

Get the look…

sl jameson indigo pinstripe sofa

this sofa… yum

Then there is denim.  I love the classic yet casual look of it.

denim look sofa

I don’t technically know if this is denim, but Damn I love the look!

tufted denim

amber denim sofa

jessica alba sectional

Mix in some leather, jute rugs, rustic woods, marble and a touch of colorful textiles and you have yourself a smashing room.

I’m calling it classic, All-American clean style but with a bohemian twist.