One Room Challenge {The Lounge} Week 4

** For subscribers and those of you who tried to view my Style Me Pretty Living House tour yesterday, I am so sorry that I posted the wrong link!!  You can see my full Chestnut Hill Project HERE.  I will also be sharing more details on the blog soon.  Thank you too all of those who checked out my reveal **


Welcome back to the One Room Challenge.  It is now week 4 of the 6 week makeover.  Week 1 I shared pictures and an initial plan for my third floor lounge conversion.   Week 2 I shared my design inspiration. Week 3 I revealed my furnishings and partial textile scheme.  In week 4 we got our renovation ON and the room is finally transforming. It’s very exciting yet also a bit daunting because nothing is actually complete.

The half-way point in a renovation can be a scary time.  The vision is only half actualized, you start doubting your decisions, freaking out about your deadlines, wondering if it will come together as perfectly as it did in your head.  Even though I’m a designer, I’m not immune to the mid-renovation stress.  And to say that I’m “stressed” would be the understatement of the year… try apocalyptic levels of anxiety and exhaustion.  I literally sobbed on my boyfriend’s shoulder yesterday morning over a botched chair makeover.  More on that below.

chair makeover trim struggles{Chair Fail}



REVEAL: Our Chestnut Hill Project featured . . . on {Style Me Pretty Living}

I’m thrilled to announce that our Chestnut Hill Project is being featured today on Style Me Pretty Living!!  My client “A” was one of the very first people to hire me as a decorator and we have worked slowly and steadily on her home over the past few years.  It has been a labor of love that has pushed my design boundaries (neutrals!) and really helped me grow as a designer.   I absolutely love the home and I know the family of 6 does too.

Here is a peek of the living room featuring a custom designed ottoman.  I hope you will hop over to SMP Living to get the full tour and all of the details!

Design Manifest Chestnut Hill Project Living Room


One Room Challenge {The Lounge} Week 3

Here we are, week 3 of the One Room Challenge.  It is the half-way point already!!  This fact is causing me SEVERE anxiety.  While I’ve done a lot of obsessing, second guessingplanning, we have not done an lot of actual doing yet.

The room looks pretty much the same as Day 1, but I swear we’ve been working our asses off.  After spending the better part of last week trash picking wood pallets with my guy, we discovered the wood was REALLY hard to get off the pallets.  Seriously time consuming.  Then Dad saved the day offering up some AMAZING barnwood.  (You must read the background story.)  This weekend the boy, my best friend (visiting from out of town) and I hauled the wood from my Dad’s attic and pulled out all of the nails and staples from the wood.  We even found a 22 bullet in there!   Then I spent the rest of the weekend obsessing over wallpaper.  Manual labor and endless dialog about wall patterns… how fun for my house guest.  ;)

The good news is that I finally ordered the wallpaper yesterday and now the design is really set in motion.  Ready or not, here we go.


Today I’m sharing about the main furnishings and textiles I’m using in the lounge.  While I was willing to splurge for certain items (wallpaper, custom upholstery) I still am doing this project on a budget.  Most of the furniture is being picked from my “house inventory.”  I’m lucky that I am a hoarder and have a good selection to choose from.    Lamps Plus has generously given me a bench that I will be using at my work table. I’ve also purchased a few textiles and fabrics.

Here’s a quick preview of what I’ll be using in the lounge.   PS- I make no commitments. Design needs room for evolution.

design manifest lounge furniture

1 African Mudcloth: I scored this on 4th Street last week!  It will be used for the back cushion of my daybed

2 Antique Barnwood:  Salvaged from the barn that my parents married in, this beautiful reclaimed wood will find third life on the wall behind my daybed.

3 Pillows:  The black and pink suzani and white faux fur pillows will go on my daybed.  (Pottery Barn / Restoration Hardware)

4 Danish Chair:  I had to trade my soul for this chair (actually my knock-off Eames chair) but it was well worth it.  It will look great next to my daybed.  (by Coldren Design)

5 Coffee Table & Cowhide:  I’ll be using this vintage brass tray coffee table in front of my daybed.  I love this piece so it’s fun to have it in the rotation again. The white and brown hide provides a little bit of pop and warmth from the painted white floors, but I like that it still feels really neutral.

6 Table and Chairs:   I’ve had the faux tulip table for awhile (Ikea) and I scored the vintage chrome and leather chairs last year at Clover Market.  These pieces, along with the bench below, will compromise my “office area.”

7 Tribal Rug:  I may use this vintage rug in my meditation area.  I need to see the wallpaper go up before I commit to the pairing.  I hope it works out because this rug is cozy and delicious and makes me happy.  (Found on Ebay.)

8 Bergere Chair Makeover:  I’m hoping to sand down the frames of these Craigslist chairs and recover them.  I may run out of time, money and sanity before that happens.  If it works out, they will go in my meditation area and I will sit there and drink my coffee in the morning and feel happy.  This idea keeps me going during my darkest design moments.

9 Pablo Bench from Lamps Plus:    I chose this leather upholstered bench from our fabulous sponsor, Lamps Plus.  I’ll be using it in my office area because I like a mix of seating around my table.


So how do my materials compare to my mood board from last week?  The green is missing now, but I promise I’ll work that in before we are done!

We have our work cut out for us over the next three weeks.  It’s going to be fun to watch the room transform, but I think we have a few late nights ahead of us.    I’m just trying to remember to breathe and that decorating “is fun.”

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One Room Challenge {The Lounge] Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of the One Room Challenge, also known as Holy Shit there are Only 4 weeks left and I Haven’t done anything Yet!  Seriously guys, I couldn’t sleep last night.  My To-Do list was haunting me.

If this is your first time here, I highly suggest you check out last week’s post where I layout the room I’m decorating and share the ugly before pictures.  This week I’ll be sharing my design inspiration.

It’s funny how a room design can really stem from anything.  For me it began with this art print by Sarah Eisenlohr

cactus and coral

I love the mix of green and coral

and the dreamy organic feel.

It just makes me happy.


One Room Challenge {The Lounge} Week 1

It’s the most wonderful (stressful, exciting, exhausting, financially draining, rewarding) time on the year!!

Welcome to the season premiere of the One Room Challenge!  For six consecutive Wednesdays, twenty professional Interior Design bloggers will transform one room from start to finish updating you on our progress.  I am extremely flattered and excited to be participating in my third round of the ORC.  (You can see my first ORC Here and my second ORC Here.)  This time Linda‘s lineup of participants is INSANE.  Like seriously talented women with a broad range of  style.  I can’t wait to see everyone’s design process and of course the beautiful results.

ORC banner april 2014


A little about Me and the Client (Also Me)…

If you are NEW to Design Manifest, I just want to welcome you and say I’m so happy you are stopping by here to follow my room transformation.  I’m Naomi and I’m one half of the father-daughter design-build firm, Design Manifest.  We renovate houses, build custom kitchens, gut dated bathrooms and generally decorate our hearts out all over Philadelphia.  Well I decorate, Dad just likes to build.

The last round of the ORC was pretty smooth for me because I was decorating a client’s home, but this time I’m taking on a nightmare client; MYSELF.  The budget is small, the timeline is tight and this stupid bitch (ME) cannot make up her mind about anything!   I like A LOT of different design styles and I’m not totally sure what direction I want for my design scheme.   I’m paralyzed by fear of commitment, spending too much money and looking like a damn fool in front of you lovely readers.  This should be a very interesting 6 weeks.

The Room…

1 Design Manifest Lounge- front and side wall before

I will be tackling my 3rd floor; a finished attic space that I hope to transform into my “lounge.”  I would like to use it as a home office, a place to watch Television, and a retreat to relax or do yoga.  It’s pretty teeny- 8′ wide in most areas- and it has sloping roof lines that make it feel even smaller.  But what it lacks in space, it makes up for in charm!